The Wonderful World of Carpet Cleaning

May 25, 2015 by christian

Carpet Cleaning Services
Having an appealing and attractive home interior makes your home seem more comfortable as well as inviting to your family and friends. Carpet cleaning is an important as it allows your home to maintain a clean appearance as well as lengthen the life of your carpet. Carpet cleaning involves the extraction of dirt, stains, and allergens and can be completed through several different procedures. Carpets that are clean are not only more attractive but also healthier as they contain less allergens and even mold that may build up over time. House cleaning services are able to provide many different types of carpet cleaning services.

Vacuuming Carpets
House cleaning services are able to use high powered vacuum cleaners to remove dust and dirt from carpets. Vacuums range in their abilities to clean carpets, with some even using spray jets to thoroughly deep clean carpeting. Typically, vacuums include cyclones or filtering systems that collect dirt and dust for later disposal. More advanced models of vacuums utilize rotary heads that clean flooring through multi-directional cleaning strokes. Certain vacuums are able to steam clean and apply agitation while cleaning. Models of vacuums include canister, backpack, upright, wet and dry, and pneumatic. There are also vacuum cleaners that operate on a robotic system.

Stain Removal
Stain removal is a tough job. The time that the stain has remained within the carpet makes it more difficult for the stain to be removed completely. The time the stain has set into the carpet also affects the risk that there may be permanent color change within the carpet. Other issues that one may encounter are pet stains (e.g., urination and defecation). These types of stains leave odors that linger and may cause a health hazard if not cleaned properly. Professional cleaners are able to remove these types of stains and sanitize the carpet itself through deep cleaning machines that employ stain-reducing chemicals and heat transfer. The stain removal products may also be used in combination with anti-allergen solutions to eliminate dust mites and other allergens and health risks.

Rug Cleaning
House cleaning services are also able to clean rugs that cover tile or hardwood floors. This is completed through using carpet beating machines, rattan rugbeaters, or carpet rods. Cleaning rugs regularly is important in order to maintain the appearance of the rug as well as remove any allergens or stains that may have occurred due to high foot traffic.