Winter Prepardness

October 29, 2020 by christian

Everybody loves New England in the fall, specifically Maine and New Hampshire. The foliage, mountains, beaches… We have it all! It is nice and easy to keep your home clean during the Summer and Autumn months. Winter is another story though. Your home starts to feel enclosed and stuffy, this year with the “new normal” and the whole family is working from home. Kids are stomping in and out with wet, muddy boots and the pets are inside with their fur getting all over the place!

Keeping your house clean in NH and ME can be a tough task over the Winter but starting the Winter off with a deep clean can set a good precedent for how you want your house to look for the upcoming holiday season. Squeaky Clean Cleaners can help you out with a house cleaning but it is always nice to have some tips that you can do on your own in between house cleaning services!

Keeping Your Home Clean Tips:

-Take 15 Minutes a day and clean one room. That’s it! All it takes is 15 minutes a day to keep your house looking and smelling fresh all Winter. You can even put the kids up to the task and teach them some valuable cleaning skills!

– Find some time during the day to open the windows! This will help alleviate some stuffiness in the house and get some fresh air inside while letting some of the encapsulated air out. Make sure to turn down the heat though so you aren’t wasting money! –

Take a look at our Cleaning Checklist page. Feel free to try to emulate our cleaning process (specifically the deep clean). This should give you a good baseline for the start of the season!

– If you are too busy this winter to keep up with a regular house cleaning, try booking with us to keep your home fresh and clean all season long! Book Here!

There you have it. It only takes a few minutes per day to keep your home feeling new during the Winter and if you can convince the rest of the family to get involved it will be much easier to do!